Hi, I'm Danny Thompson
I am the Creator of Music Lesson Business Academy.

I've been helping music school owners build a better business since 2016.

I've got two schools with a good amount of students.

I've got amazing employee teachers

and  have been fortunate to build a business that allows me to leave for a month at a time to go on tour playing music....

But you know, things were not always that way...
Things Were Not Always That Way...
When I first started out, I had no idea what I was doing. I knew a lot about managing people and building teams, but I didn't know a lot about marketing and how to apply that to the music lesson business. 

That's why I decided to completely immerse myself in learning everything I could about marketing. 

I spent a fortune on books, training, masterminds and private coaching and I finally discovered what truly works and what doesn't work.

Fast Forward To Today
Today I have two music schools, lots of students and great teachers who are employees and not contractors. 

And let me tell you, after struggling for so many years...

After getting frustrated for so long without getting any real results...
It Feels Awesome!
Make no mistake, This certainly did not happen overnight. It took me years to figure out the blueprint and shortcut to having a freedom business. And don't get me wrong, I still have my struggles and not everything is perfect at my businesses. But, we are well on our way to building an amazing school and changing lots of music students lives which is the ultimate goal. 

I made a ton of costly mistakes and spent a lot of money to figure this out along the way.

Now, my mission is to help people just like you build an amazing music school without making all the mistakes I made. Because that is what I know best.

I've helped lots of music school owners around the word speed up their success.

But don't take my word for it...
Are you Ready To build an amazing music school Now?
If you want to discover how I can help you shortcut your success, then you can get started now.

I can send you my 7 levers of the Music Lesson Business that I use to help me get my results

Simply click on the button below, enter your best email and I'll send you an email with The 7 Levers training module straight away.

To your success,

Danny Thompson
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